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posted: 03 September, 2018 by: Admin

1 How to hold dental floss

Tear off approximately 45 cm of dental floss. Wrap it two or three times around your right middle finger and a few times around your left middle finger until there are about 5 - 10 cm of floss left between your hands.

2. How to start in the upper jaw

To clean the interdental areas in the upper jaw, stretch a short section of the dental floss (approx. 2 cm) firmly over both thumbs.

3 How to Insert dental floss

Carefully insert / draw in the dental floss to avoid injuring your gums. To get past areas of close contact (points where teeth touch), make light horizontal sawing motions.

4 How to floss

Wrap the dental floss around a tooth in a U-shape and move the thread up and down approximately six times, applying slight pressure Never move it back and forth! Move the dental floss all the way down under the gum edge.

5. How to remove dental floss again

With easily passable contact points, remove the dental floss through the contact points again (otherwise, pull the thread sideways out of the interdental area).

6. How to continue in the lower jaw

To clean the lower jaw, stretch the dental floss over the tips of both your index fingers. Then carefully insert the dental floss and floss as previously in the upper jaw.

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